So, you just sat down and ate the whole jar in one sitting...we get it, but what now? Well, it sounds like another jar is in your near future, but don’t throw out what’s left in that pickle-less jar you’re holding just yet. There’s more than just dill left! Aidan’s Atomic Pickles’ amazing customers have come up with some pretty awesome uses for all that’s left after you’ve munched away those gherkins. Feel free to check out some of these options for your own use, and if you come up with something interesting you don’t see here, please share. 

  • Pickle backs (or chaser) 
  • Pickled eggs
  • Brine your chicken before frying or bbq’ing
  • Boil your faux-chic’n in our brine and some veggie broth
  • Sub our brine for lemon juice in recipes
  • Bloody Mary’s!
  • Cook with those pickled peppers and garlic
  • Drink the brine for the health benefits
  • More to come...