People love our pickles! Check it out!

"I hate pickles - and these made me actually like them." - Nathan D., Portland, OR

"Loved your pickles at the craft beer fest!" - Lauren Z., Beaverton, OR

"Mel and I just had some of Aidan's Freshly Made Atomic Pickles delivered to our door by Aidan himself. Spicy deliciousness!!!! If you like a tasty hot pickle, support this kid!" - Dan W., Portland, OR

"I just got my pickles today, and I must say, they are delicious! Even my spice-averse 8 year old LOVES them, and I have a feeling we are going to be battling over who gets the pickles! Thank you so much for such a high quality, delicious product!" - Aubrey P., Broomfield, CO

"These are the best pickles I've ever had in my life. I'm in."
- Rebekah E

"Got my first Aidan's Atomic Pickles today. They are awesome! Loving the 0's. Looking forward to trying them all! To spread the love I shared with my parents and their friend. Everyone agreed they are wonderful!" - Nina P., Portland, OR

"I just tried my pickles and they are hands down THE BEST PICKLES I HAVE EVER HAD. Like the kind of pickles I would sneak into the kitchen for in the middle of the night. The kind of pickle where I cut one in half to share with my husband, took a bite and then decided not to share. Kid is going to make a million dollars." - Chandra D., Portland, OR

"FINALLY! Someone who knows the meaning of spicy! Once the pain from the heat of the Level 4 subsides and the taste buds return to normal, there is an amazing homemade pickle flavor. They were definitely worth the wait!" - Jennifer D., Alabama

"Amazing Pickles, by Amazing People. Tried the Level X, last weekend, really lights a fire all up in ya'! Delicious! Thanks guys! Keep up the awesome work!"  Timothy R., Kirkland, WA