Where can you find Aidan’s Atomic Pickles?

We’re growing! For the past four years we’ve delivered our pickles directly to those in the Portland Metro Area, and we still do. For those of you from out of our area, we can always ship them to you as well (our pickles have flown from Portland, OR. to Alaska, Texas, and even Massachusetts!).  We also have some fantastic local businesses that have incorporated our pickles into their menus, offer them for sale by the jar, or both.  Feel free to explore the different creative ways our pickles are used throughout Portland, from crafty charcuterie boards and sandwiches, to tasty drinks to imbibe.   

The Pile High Club - 

1927 SW 4th AVE.                                                                                       Portland, OR. 97201

This was the first business to use our pickles as an ingredient on a menu item, and now you may grab a jar to go with your lunch sandwich. 

Food Fight Grocery - 

1217 SE Stark St.                                                                                                      &                                                                                         11155 NE Halsey St. 

Portland’s fun quirky vegan grocery store now offers Aidan’s Atomic Pickles by the jar, along side many other unique and delicious food items from Portland and around the world.  

Sheridan Fruit Co. - 

408 SE Martin Luther King BLVD                                                                Portland, OR 97214

Serving Portland, OR. since 1916, Sheridan Fruit Co. is an amazing local market that has fantastic fresh produce and a full service meat department, along with many local pre-packaged foods, like our pickles! 

Hartnell Farms - 

8481 SE Jannsen RD.                                                                             Clackamas, OR. 97015

A majority of our produce has been sourced from this multi-generational local farm, and they are now offering our pickles for sale in their storefront during the open season, along with lots of beautiful organic fresh fruits and veggies, or you-pick options as well, including fresh flowers.  

Watertrough Saloon -

4815 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97215

What goes with an ice cold pint of brew? Aidan’s Atomic Pickles do! Now you may belly up to the bar, order a pint of beer, and a pint of pickles to go along with it. Watertrough Saloon has been a Portland staple dive bar since 1977, and we are so proud to a part of their local family.

Portland U-Brew & Unicorn Brewing - 

6237 SE Milwaukie Ave.                                                                           Portland, OR. 97202

From picking up home-brew supplies to learning how to brew your own, to sitting down and enjoying a craft brew with a tasty meal, this place has you covered, and now serves Aidan’s Atomic Pickles in two different spice levels at their bar. 

Spirits on Jefferson - 

2037 SE Jefferson St.                                                                               Milwaukie, OR. 97222

Such a fun bar & grill that’s family friendly during the day and lively in the evenings. Lots of house made items to enjoy, and our pickles have been incorporated into both the food and drink menus!

Spirit of 77 - 

500 NE MLK JR Blvd.                                                                                 Portland, OR 97232

The place in Portland to watch sports! Gigantic screen and tons of tvs, every drink you could think of, lots of taps, lively atmosphere, pop-a-shot, darts, and PICKLES!!! Come get fired up for your next game! 

Kay’s Bar - 

6903 SE Milwaukie Ave.                                                                             Portland, OR. 97202

Serving Portland cocktails since before you were born! No really, since 1934! This charming Sellwood bar has amazing burgers, some of the best mole this side of Oaxaca, and great drinks being served by bar tenders serving there almost as long as Aidan has been alive! And now...they’ve died our pickles and brine through the restaurant and bar.  Go ask Jeffrey for a spicy Bloody Mary! 

New Deal Distillery - 

900 SE Salmon St.                                                                                       Portland, OR. 97214

One of the most established distilleries in Portland has a tasting room where they serve the coolest little shot glass sized cocktails for you to sample, and they’ve chosen Aidan’s Atomic Pickles as the perfect accoutrement to their Bloody Mary offerings. You have to check them out!!! 

Bar of the Gods - 

4801 SE Hawthorne Blvd.                                                                           Portland, OR. 

Pickle backs at one of the top ten dive bars in the country? Yup! Come get yourself a shot and a back with Aidan’s Atomic Pickles’ brine, and try not to get lost in the “barmuda triangle”!

Portland Saturday Market - 

2 SW Naito Pkwy                                                                                         Portland, OR 97204

For over 45 years, this has been the hub for local artists and craft food makers to gather and offer their goods to the public. We are so proud to have been chosen as one of their vendors and will be participating often throughout the year while they’re open (early March - Christmas Eve). Please check into our social media to see which days we will be attending. 

Hillsdale Farmers’ Market - 

1509 SW Sunset Blvd.                                                                                 Portland, OR 97239

Since 2002 this has been a great year round Sunday market providing west side Portlanders with local Oregon and SW Washington farm direct produce and artisinal foods. We are proud to have been accepted to represent Portland’s craft pickle industry here. Please check into our social media to see which days we will be attending.