How We Got Started

I’m Aidan. I am 12 years old and I live in Portland, Oregon. I’m in middle school, love architecture, Minecraft, and my dog. How I got into making pickles:   My mom LOVES spicy food. LOVES with a capital L. She makes ghost pepper curry, takes hot sauce challenges, and we have 10 bottles of hot sauce in our fridge. She has been known to carry around ghost pepper sauce in her purse. And I think my mom is pretty cool, so…
In 2014, I decided to make my mom a birthday gift.  I researched how to make pickles, and put my own fun spin on it – mom’s favorite hot sauce, a few more peppers, change the salt, research how to make the crispiest pickle ever, a little more time to brine, and voila! Not only did mom love the pickles, she started serving them at parties, and they were such a huge hit that Aidan’s Atomic Pickles was born. 

I know not everyone is like my mom, and since the pickles are such a big hit, I worked on milder flavors (and spicier ones for the maniacs!), and we crowdsourced our fundraising to start to learn the pickle business, and bring pickles to the people – all of the people – spicy lovers and haters alike. We have a 96% “best pickle ever” review rate, and at that rate – we knew we were on to something really good.  So we press on, making pickles, delivering in the Portland metro area, and hopefully, soon, the whole nation!